AD Food Mixer

AD series – strong gear construction with European technology. Contact with us to get best price for planetary mixer.

  • CE approved with emergency stop and double safety system.
  • Fashion design with durable quality
  • Low noise
  • Heavy duty
  • Strong and high efficiency
  • High precision gears
  • Powerful motor provide stable and fast mixing works.

The Planetary Mixers is a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance designed for efficient mixing of ingredients for various recipes. Golden Chef, a well-known OEM services and kitchen solutions provider, offers high-quality Planetary Mixers that are durable and reliable. The mixer comes with a planetary mixing action that ensures even and thorough mixing of ingredients, while the various attachments make it adaptable to different recipes. The mixer also features a powerful motor and various speed options for easy handling of different types of dough, batter, and other ingredients. Additionally, Golden Chef’s excellent after-sales service guarantees customer satisfaction. The Planetary Mixer offers greater convenience and efficiency for cooking and baking tasks.

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