AS-CG Dough Divider

  • Brand: Mondo Cucina
  • Professional equipment
  • Easy to operate,automatic segmentation
  • Strong motor,Low noise, energy saving
  • High efficiency,labor saving
  • Easy to clean up
  • 36 pcs Equally Divided


Dough Divider Machine | Video

  • Bakery Machine – Electric Dough Divider Machine is an ideal wheaten food and pastry processing machine, widely use in western-style cake shops dining halls of enterprises and schools.
  • lt possesses the outstanding features including stainless steel body, fine appearance, working stably with low noise, high efficiency and convenience of moving-around.
  • Dough Divider: Reasonable design for cutting doughevenly in range 30~180g each piece.
  • Safety System: when you take out the tray machine will stop working automatically.
  • High Efficiency: Using stainless steel blades and dividing plate.Divides dough within 10 seconds. Improve working efficiency and save labour work.
  • Fine Cutting: Non-stick surface, scratch resistance, sharp and durable blades, uniform strength, cutting thedough into several flat sections.
  • Strong Motor: Powerful electric motor, low noise, energy saving.

Golden Chef Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer & exporter of food equipment and bakery machinery. Our company located in Guangzhou, the city where the canton fair is held two times a year. Contact with us to get factory price for dough divider.

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