BT Food Mixer

Food Mixers. BT Series is used belt construction with Taiwan technology. Motor is from Taiwan, important electric parts are with international standard. Contact with us to get best price for food mixers

  • Safety system with emergency stop
  • Easy operation and convenience for repairing.
  • Low noise, high power
  • Heavy duty
  • The service life of the series food mixer is longer than the regular products in the market.

Golden Chef Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer & exporter of food equipment and bakery machinery. Our company located in Guangzhou, the city where the canton fair is held two times a year.

ISO9001:2016 quality management system has been strictly enforced throughout the whole production process. In its 30 years history of expertise, knowledge and skill, GOLDENCHEF has built up a strong reputation as one of the top manufacturers of food equipment and bakery machinery.

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