HM Heavy Duty Dough Mixer

HM Heavy Duty Dough Mixer. Capacity 15-100kgs. High power, strong construction and high safety performance. Suitable for the bread which is low water percentage, for example the baguette, which requires big strength for mixing. High requirements for safety. It has 1 main power lock, 2 emergency buttons, and the cover of the bowl definitely could not be opened while the mixer is operating.

Golden Chef Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer & exporter of food equipment and bakery machinery. Our company located in Guangzhou, the city where the canton fair is held two times a year.

ISO9001:2016 quality management system has been strictly enforced throughout the whole production process. In its 30 years history of expertise, knowledge and skill, GOLDENCHEF has built up a strong reputation as one of the top manufacturers of food equipment and bakery machinery.

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