• Brand: Mondo Cucina
  • Safe cover
  • Double safe switch
  • Emergency button
  • Aluminum alloy structure
  • Food hygiene standard
  • Easy operation
  • Highly efficient


  • vegetable cutter machine is specially designed for cutting meat and vegetables; It can cut meat, vegetable, melon and fruit rapidly to make fllings.
  • Is driven by worm wheels and worm-type speed-down gear. Equipped with a protective device that makes the operation more safe and reliable.
  • AlI parts that contact and the food directly are made of anti-corrosion aluminium alloy and stainless steel; which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygienic standard.
  • Aluminum Alloy Structure: The main body is made of aluminum alloy, which had been anodized. highend and elegent, easy for cleaning.
  • Safe Cover: Elaborately designed protective cover, meet the requirement of easy operating and ensure the operator’s safety.
  • Double Safe Swithch: Food grade stainless steel bowl nvery get rust.Built-in safety switch. The machine stop once the bowl cover open.
  • Emergency Button: Press the emergency stop button can cut off the power supply immediately.

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