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2021 Bakery Equipment Dough Mixer Machine For Bread & Pizza

2021-08-11 14:01:13

The four types of dough mixer used in commercial settings each have their own set of unique advantages.

Which kind your bakery needs will depend on the volume of dough you produce, the type of products you bake and the size of your work area.

Here the four types of flour mixer machine to help you choose the right one when you're planning your bakery.

1. DH series dough mixer

dough mixer

DH series is used high quality belt construction with bowl capacity ranges from 20 liter to 200 liter, dry flour capacity from 4kg to 75kg.

Products are equipped with stainless steel safety cover and effective tools in double active. Customers can choose single or double speed in mechanical control pannel and customized body color. 

Competitive price and strong material make DH series the most popular dough kneading equipment.

2. Table Top Dough Mixer - DH8/DH10

Table top dough mixer

Small size, high efficiency! Single speed table top dough mixers of 8 liter is the most professional dough kneading partner.

In work, both stainless steel mixing hook and bowl revolve simultaneously so that the mixing efficiency is greatly increased and improved. Easy operation switch button and timer help customers schedule their bakery steps well.

3.Most professional dough mixer for pizza dough

Pizza dough mixer

DH-T series is equipped in high quality chain construction special for pizza dough kneading.

Models are available to choose single or double speed in 20, 30, 40, 50 Liter bowl volume. When running both stainless steel mixing hook and bowl revolve simultaneously. Head lift-up and bowl removable benefit customers operating and cleaning process to the large extent.

4.Heavy Duty Dough Mixer

heavy duty dough mixer

HM series is the most heavy duty dough mixer in strong construction and high safety performance with capacity from 15kg to 100kg.

Powerful body is suitable for the bread which is low water percentage such as baguette. Both two sides of digital control pannel are equipped with emergency stop button, at the side of body also has the power lock section to ensure the safety of users. Additionally, bowl cover with safety switch will stop the machine running when it opens. Bottom side with attached wheels and rubber base make the machine moving and running more stable.


We know there are many suppliers you can choosing in the market. But what we can provide to you is we Golden Chef is a professional bakery equipment manufacturer expert, we have a sensitive sense for the market, strong OEM ability, high-tech manufacturing facility, 10,000 square meter factory, and output more than 200,000 units. We can be your best bakery equipment supplier ever.


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