Horizontal Mixer or Spiral Mixer: Which is Right for You?

Horizontal Mixer

When looking at dough mixing machine options, such as horizontal or spiral mixers, it can be difficult to know which is better.

Learn about the horizontal mixer or spiral mixer

horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer purpose
horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer purpose
horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer purpose
horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer purpose

What size bakery or factory do you need to produce dough in sufficient quantities? A horizontal mixer is the best choice when you have to mix in thousands of pounds of dough in a day, in order to have enough supply.

A horizontal mixer comes with a selection of mixing arms that allow you to customize based on the type of dough you are mixing. Its ability to continuously mix means you can produce more batches in less time, which saves time when making batches for customers.

If you need to mix the ingredients in large volumes quickly, Horizontal Mixers are usually recommended because they can do so much more than just mixing.

A disadvantage of this choice is that heat generation is a concern. Heat from the dough rubbing against the sides of the mixing chamber increases, which can be damaging to some types of dough.

What is the dough mixer?

A spiral mixer machine work differently, it offers several benefits. It can mix dough more efficiently and it is gentler on the dough so heat from friction isn’t as critical of a concern. These characteristics allow bakeries to produce a range of different products without compromising the consistency of their quality.

Energy efficiency can make a spiral mixer both higher in quality and lower in cost, when comparing to a horizontal mixer.

With a spiral mixer, you may not have as much capability for large batches as with a horizontal mixer. Still, a spiral mixer has the capacity to produce hundreds of pounds of dough at one time.

What’s the Best Bakery Mixer for You?

Do you want to produce one type of dough or many different types of dough? That’s the choice with horizontal versus spiral mixers. If your goal is to produce a large quantity of one type of dough, a horizontal machine is better. If you want to create a range of products with the flexibility to create many different types of dough, a spiral mixer is the better investment.

Whether you need a new bakery mixer or not, Golden Chef has options for you – contact with us. We have both horizontal and spiral mixer machine to fit your budget and needs – find the perfect one today.

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